The Stellar Review – Submission Guidelines

Each month I endeavour to publish a review of an indie artist’s work. I do this to provide a leg-up for all those brilliant minds who are struggling to make themselves heard in the cacophony of online self-published authors and the shelves of eye catching, mass marketed  books from publishing houses.

I am happy to review all genres of work but am not particularly keen on gruesome horrors or stories where horrific things happen to children. You may want to avoid sending me these manuscripts if that’s what you’ve written as I may struggle to be positive about them.

I not only publish my reviews on this website, I also publish them on Amazon and Goodreads with further publicising on Twitter and Facebook, after all, the purpose of The Stellar review is to breathe life into your work so what better way to do so. In return, I ask that you share these reviews with your own readership and ask your own followers to do the same.

To read through my previously published reviews, click here. I’m sure any one of the artists featured will be happy to provide a testimonial. (Disclaimer: I haven’t asked them!)

If you would like to submit your work to me in return for an honest review, please do so by emailing me at I can’t commit to a publishing date but wherever possible I will do my best to align with your own publishing timetable if you are sending me a pre-release version.

You can send me your work as PDF or Mobi file, either of these are fine. Please be aware that I have a keen proof-reading eye and will likely send you a list of revisions after I’ve finished reading – you almost get a free proofreading service as well. How’s that for value?

I look forward to reading your work!

Nicola x

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If you’d like a Stellar Review of your work, please contact me at and I will be more than happy to oblige.

5 Responses to The Stellar Review – Submission Guidelines

  1. Melanie Deer says:

    Do you happen to review Blogs? My blog is a fictional journal of someone who lives during the time of a trilogy I’m working on. I also have other short stories that pertain to legends and such of my story. (I’ll probably submit my book to you when it’s ready, but don’t know when that will be). Thanks!


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