Welcome to the home of the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller

So named because my flashes of brilliance are few and far between.

This blog charters my journey from completely novice writer to … well, I don’t know where because I’m not there yet. If you’re following my blog, you’ll know as soon as I do where I end up.

images-3If you’re interested in my musings as a novice writer, please visit the posts in the Writing category. You’ll find all sorts of information that I’ve picked up in the years since I’ve been hosting this blog, together with my ramblings on what’s going well and what isn’t. Your wisdom and feedback is encouraged and respected here so do please join the conversation.


six word story, 6 word story, writing prompt

If you’re looking for the now legendary Six Word Story Challenge hosted on this site, please click here to read through previous challenges and to enter your story into this week’s challenge. To learn more about the challenge, visit the information page.



book review,writing,reading,indie author,self-published,self published

If a review of your work is what you’re interested in, please click here for submission information. I am happy to review most genres (but do have some exceptions). Click here to read through some of my previous reviews and perhaps find your new favourite book.



short-story-typewriterIf you would like to read and critique some of my works, I have uploaded some Flash Fiction here. These are the result of writing prompts that I’ve uploaded in their raw, unedited form so brilliance should not be expected.




I do love a challenge so I’ve included a section for all of the blog challenges I enter hosted by you lovely bloggers. If you’re looking for something to get involved in, why not have a scroll through here and pop over to someone’s site?


I hope you enjoy your visit, please have a good look around and follow me for updates on my journey.

I look forward to meeting you,


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