I use writing prompts both as a tool to ensure I write regularly and to practice different genres. I love writing by hand in my notebook and I do this at every opportunity, I find I am much more creative whilst I am scribbling at the same rate as my brain is working.

This collection of short stories have been transcribed from my notebook and are unedited.

The shorts you see here have mostly been created in 30-60mins lunch breaks and transcribed for your reading pleasure – good or bad.

I’d love to know what you think, your comments and critique will help me improve more than any text book I could care to read – please don’t be shy.

Heart Scarab

Dead Wrong


Agony of Excess

Habits of the Invisible Masses

The Grass Isn’t Greener

Poppies and Pants

He Waited For Her

6 Responses to Scribblings

  1. Now that I’m following your blog, I look forward to seeing regular Flash Fiction entries. I try to write 15 or so Microstories a month, but I try to get them down to the size of a tweet.

    I tweet them out, and at the end of the month, collect them for a Microstory blog post.

    Obviously, 129 characters isn’t enough to tell a real story (it’s not 140 because I have to have #MicroStory in the Tweet to make it legit) but it’s fun to boil something down to a high concept piece where people’s imagination can do all the heavy lifting.

    I once had a real writerly person chide me that a tweet wasn’t long enough to tell a story. Your Six Word Story challenges, I think, are good counter-examples. I responded with the allegedly-Hemingway penned “For sale, baby shoes. Never worn.”

    Compared to a 6 word story challenge, 129 characters is a luxury.


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