Stellar Guest Post by Adrian King. Read her visualisation of a life in colour.

I am delighted to introduce you to Adrian King today, a writer and poet from California.

She has shared with us a poem defining life events, emotions and humanity in a hue of colour.


Nicola x



We’re all colored and drawn upon
By the Creator that gave us life.
Black velvet for when we have vanished and gone
Cherry for when we have strife.

Navy for when we are feeling smart
Indigo when we have might
Charcoal for when we’re torn apart
Dandelion yellow if we’re feeling bright.

Cerulean blue for creative thinking
Bubblegum for D-I-Ys
Sea foam for athletic stretching
Coral for asking “why?”

Scarlet for increasing embarrassment
Carnation pink for birth.
Blue violet for harassment
Pink flamingo for trying to be first.

White for a subtle palate cleanser
Olive signifying growth
Midnight blue for the occasional offender
Each and every color matters most.

If one color is to sum up all of me
Then I’d be pretty shallow
I am every color, can’t you see?
Not just single-shaded callow.


Adrian King – bio

adrian king, author,poet,colours

Adrian King is a 13 year old writer and poet from California, USA. She loves reading and writing both poetry and prose in her spare time. She shares her work through a blog, ( ) and through Instagram ( @raw.literature ).


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About Nicola Auckland

Busy wife to one & mum to two. I've caught the creative writing bug, now need to practice, get awesome and write something worth reading. Simples.
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9 Responses to Stellar Guest Post by Adrian King. Read her visualisation of a life in colour.

  1. AATIF says:

    please check the mail.
    I have sent the guest post


  2. AATIF says:

    hi nicola,
    can I have a guest post of my English poetry on your site?
    you may check my poetry website
    please tell where to send my poetry,if you allow me



  3. Patty J says:

    A witty poem with spectacular visualization!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow. I don’t know why I should be surprised that Adrian is only 13 because talent comes in all shapes and sizes, and ages! Adrian certainly has plenty of talent and I wish her well in what can only be a very successful life.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. trE says:

    13 years old!!! Yes! Keep writing, Adrian.

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  6. Welcome Adrian! Your poetry is just lovely! 😊
    Thanks for sharing, Nicola!

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