Singing Hearts – New EP from Ant MacAndrew – A Stellar Music Review

I’m sneaking in another edition of the Stellar Review today to bring you a little treat. It’s a musical offering from Ant MacAndrew, an indie artist whose EP, Singing Hearts, has just been released and I know you’re going to love it!

The EP features six songs which I’ve listened to many times since I was sent them a few weeks ago. These are not ‘growers’, they’re not tracks I had to listen to over and over again to find something nice to say in this review – I just loved them from the first listen. If you enjoy listening to Ed Sheeran, The Script or Bruno Mars, Ant MacAndrew’s music will sit nicely in your regular playlists. If you listen carefully, you might even hear shades of John Legend or James Blunt (whether that last one was intentional I don’t know!)

The six tracks have a theme. The lyrics speak of finding happiness with your soulmate and building your home around that special someone. They inspire you to remember what’s important in life, to make time for them and not the miasma of social media.

I always like to know more about the artists I feature in these reviews so I asked Ant about his inspiration and future plans:


Have you always wanted to be a musician or did it creep up on you?

It crept up on me! My friend Glyn Evans played his guitar when I was 16 and my dad said he would buy me one. It just went from there!

What are your current musical influences?

My biggest musical influence is Mumford and Sons. I love their style of music and the relationship between the instruments. I’m a big fan of The Script as well! And more recently Firekid!

What’s you’re favourite song to cover at a gig? What are the crowd pleasers?

My favourite cover song for gigs is Take on Me by Aha! It needs a huge vocal range to pull it off! 

Listening to your EP, I can tell you’re in your happy place. Your songs are about finding your soulmate and leaving your empty days behind. Is it easier to write songs now you have a muse?

It’s definitely easier when you’re positive about your life! My wife definitely inspires me!

Tell me about your plans, what’s next for Ant MacAndrew?

The next goal is to get on the bigger stages and really make a name for myself. I’m already playing up to 200 shows per year! Watch this space! 


I loved this EP and I hope you will too. You can listen to snippets of these original songs and buy the EP at the following locations from Friday 26th May:

Connect with Ant MacAndrew

Just like any indie artist, Ant is building a brand and a following. If you pop over to YouTube you will find dozens of videos of cover versions and original songs. I asked Ant to pick a favourite to feature in this review and he picked his cover of Eric Carmen’s Hungry Eyes from Dirty Dancing (who doesn’t love that film?).

Ant also covers some of my all time favourite songs over on YouTube including Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls and I love his version (even though I’m pretty sure he’s in his pyjamas!)

Visit Ant’s YouTube channel to see more of his work

Visit his official website –

Follow Ant on Twitter – 

Like Ant’s Facebook page to be notified of his live streamed gigs –


Remember, the purpose of The Stellar Review is to introduce you to new artists in the hope that you’ll support them. If you like Ant’s music, please buy the EP, follow him on social media and share this post.

Thanks for your time!

Nicola x

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