The Lot of a Nobody – Dave Johnston. A Stellar Book Review

Welcome to this bonus edition of the Stellar Review, the place where I give you my thoughts on indie author’s word babies. In the case of this edition’s author, it’s the 3rd time they’ve come back for such treatment!

This month I am reviewing Dave Johnston’s new YA novel – The Lot of a Nobody. This genre is a wide departure from the previous two novellas written by Dave which sit firmly on the action/adventure shelf next to James Bond.

The Blurb:

“Lot was a Nobody. Lot was a nobody. Sometimes, life deals you a right melon.”

Lot Nobody is average – even his ears – and is so lonely that he’s become invisible. But on his 16th birthday Lot truly starts disappearing – uprooted to a magical island, then sent back fully naked in the most embarrassing of situations.

After befriending Ethan Longbow – a classmate who’s about as street as a satsuma – Lot’s insecurities start to peel away, an angry volcano begins to pulsate, and Lot Nobody goes toe-to-toe with the dastardly megalomaniac Hector Shady.

Lot must now face his anxieties, save his new island friends, and discover why the hell his bum has been so itchy …

Now, I don’t know about you but this blurb made me chuckle before I even started reading the book. Someone tell me this isn’t just because I have an odd sense of humour!


Lot Nobody has lived with his grandad since he was orphaned as a youngster and is so average he’s invisible. Luckily, he goes largely unnoticed by even the most bullheaded of school bullies, that is until new boy Ethan Longbow arrives and drags him into focus.

It’s on his sixteenth birthday, whilst trying to blend back into obscurity, that Lot first magically transports to a far-flung Pacific island, confused and inexplicably naked. As he struggles to understand how and why this is happening to him (and why the hell his bum is so itchy), he and Ethan become embroiled in a mystery involving kleptomaniac businessman Hector Shady and his collection of rare artefacts, which we come to learn are connected with Lot’s magical island trips. Lot’s mission (should he choose to accept it) is to stop the tyrant, save the island and protect Ethan from persistent bullies who still haven’t registered Lot’s existence.

lot of a nobody, dave johnstone, YA,firework,small dog, demonicThe Lot of a Nobody, whilst technically classed as ‘Young Adult’ genre, contains enough quips and references to keep any aged adult entertained. Some of these were still cycling around my head days later as they were pitched exactly on my humour level.

The characters are likeable and boo-able in equal measure and some, namely Ethan, have such a unique style that you’ll struggle to forget them and wonder how out of touch you really are!

The story was original and, whilst acceptably far-fetched, will appeal to its intended YA audience (I passed it on to my own 14yr old son who could be heard chuckling in his room as he read).

I was entertained throughout Dave Johnston’s new offering but didn’t miss those loose ends in the final chapter which I took to mean a sequel was on the way to clear up my confusion! (Dave, there’d better a sequel!)

If you enjoy YA novels and can appreciate a bit of humour in your life, give Lot of a Nobody a try. You can then pass it on to your kids and pretend you really bought it for them.

lot of a nobody, quote, bum burps


Buy the book!

You can buy The Lot of a Nobody at Amazon by clicking through on this book cover.

If you are based in the USA, follow this link instead to take you to the page.

Connect with Dave Johnston


Author Website 

Amazon Author Page where you’ll find links to the Sixty Minute Reads series.


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  2. I LOVE that you’re son is reading it. Having a teenage lad reading (and hopefully enjoying it) was one of my original benchmarks for success 🙂 My stratospheric one is to be on a train one day and the person opposite is reading it 🙂

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