Enchanted Eventide – A Poem Inspired By a Photo Prompt. Care To Try Too?


I shot this beautiful image in my local park over the weekend and, in conjunction with a bout of insomnia, it inspired me to write a piece of poetry.

Why not use it as a writing prompt yourself and send me a pingback so I can see what you came up with?

Enchanted Eventide

As the sun dips its head
‘Neath the heads of the trees,
And the long shadows mingle
and dance in the breeze,
There exists a feint world
at the edge of your sight
That sings for the playful,
Awakening twilight.

You’ll know if you ever
discover this land
By the dreamy fern fingers
and twinkling sands.
The wind will bring whispers
of sweet silver chatter
Which entwines in trees then,
Unaccountably, scatters.

If you’re lucky the fairies
Will make themselves known.
And inhabit your daydreams
with wonders you’re shown
But know just as soon as
The Moon starts to mist
The feint world of fairy
Will cease to exist.

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About Nicola Auckland

Busy wife to one & mum to two. I've caught the creative writing bug, now need to practice, get awesome and write something worth reading. Simples.
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10 Responses to Enchanted Eventide – A Poem Inspired By a Photo Prompt. Care To Try Too?

  1. Here’s my poem:

    I’m lost
    and alone
    I glance at
    my phone
    There’s no signal
    and I start
    to fear
    that I will
    soon miss


    (I got tired at the end.)

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  3. Patty J says:

    Lovely and mystical. Love the serene photo. I’ll have to conjure up something.


  4. Love your photo – inspired me to write a poem about the enchanted glade. It’s a treat to get a prompt from someone else. Please keep doing this !

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  6. I’m not a poet, Nicola, but this is a beautiful poem prompted by that lovely photo. Well done!

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