And the winner of this week’s Six Word Story Challenge is…

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Welcome to Friday Storytellers,

This week I left you the prompt of AwakeningI was looking forward to your stories for this one as the prompt had the promise of spanning so many genres and themes. We had stories of unexpected pregnancy and overdue realisations, of the rising dead and creeping amnesia. If you haven’t had a chance to read all the entries, you’ll find them listed in the comments of Saturday’s launch post. 

Be sure to come back tomorrow and try your hand at the new prompt,

The new voting system is working well, although it only works if people come and vote so if you could do your best to share the links I throw out on Twitter and Facebook I would appreciate it.

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So, without further ado, the winners of this week’s Six Word Story Challenge were:

First place:

 LaRonda Moore with her story – Learned the truth. Preferred the lie.

Second place:

Sun and Moon with their story – “Don’t need a mistress ”- Husband.

Third place:

trE with her story – Dead years ago, so I thought.

All of this week’s winners are entitled to download and use one of the below badges on their blog as a sign of their storytelling genius.

Until next time,

Nicola x


About Nicola Auckland

Busy wife to one & mum to two. I've caught the creative writing bug, now need to practice, get awesome and write something worth reading. Simples.
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8 Responses to And the winner of this week’s Six Word Story Challenge is…

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  2. trE says:

    Awesome, beautiful people! Congratulations to the winners and thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sun and Moon says:

    Yeheyyy! Finally won something.. Thankyouuu!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Ali Grimshaw says:

    These are always a fun read. Nicely done top three!

    Liked by 4 people

  5. Well done to the very worthy 3. Some really great entries again, and I love the new voting system.

    Liked by 4 people

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