Stellar Guest Post – Kevin Morris

Today’s Stellar Guest Post features London based poet, Kevin Morris. I am often left in awe of authors and poets purely as a result of the beautiful work they produce. Throw into the mix an element of adversity and I am astonished all over again.

Here, Kevin has kindly reproduced a poem for us which is from his poetry collection, ‘Lost in The Labyrinth of My Mind’.



Why Do I Write?

Why do I write
oft long into the night?
Is it for pure delight
at the craft
or am I daft?
I hear my clock’s chime.
crouches near.
The year
is drawing to it’s close.
The writer knows
that words live on
long after he is gone,
so strives to leave a mark
on this world stark.
A light that glimmers
in the dark
Illumining the human heart.

(Upper Norwood, 27 November 2015).


Kevin Morris, Trigger, guide dog, author, poetry

Kevin with his guide dog, Trigger.

Kevin Morris was born in Liverpool (UK) on 6 January 1969. Kevin lost the majority of his eyesight at 18-months-old due to a blood clot. He is a braille user and has happy memories of leafing through “The Oxford Book of English Verse” and other poetry collections in the
school library. Kevin read history and politics at University College Swansea and graduated with a BA (joint hons) and a MA in political theory.

In 1994 Kevin moved to London where he now lives and works. He began writing poetry in 2012. Most of Kevin’s poems can be found on his website, which also contains links to his published works.

Much of Kevin’s poetry is inspired by the environment. He lives close to an historic park in the Upper Norwood/Crystal Palace area (a suburb of London). Upper Norwood derives it’s name from the Great North Wood and remains one of the greenest parts of greater London.

Being visually impaired Kevin uses Job Access with Speech or JAWS software which converts text into speech and braille enabling him to use a standard Windows computer or laptop.

Poetry Collections

You can find Kevin’s published works at Amazon by clicking on the below images:


You can connect with Kevin online by following the below links:



If you would like to feature in the Stellar Guest Post feature, please read the submission information here and email your post to Simple!

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10 Responses to Stellar Guest Post – Kevin Morris

  1. I was charmed. Thank you for the poem, Nicola and Kevin!

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  2. Reblogged this on newauthoronline and commented:
    Many thanks to Nicola for publishing my poem as a guest post on her blog. Kevin


  3. Many thanks Nicola for publishing my poem as a guest post. Kind regards, Kevin


  4. Davy D says:

    An excellent post and poem and thanks to you, Nicola and Kevin for your work on this.

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