The Eternals by Richard Ankers – A Stellar Book Review 

Welcome to the Stellar Review, my monthly outpouring of love for works of indie authors’ I’ve enjoyed and need to share with you.

BOOK REVIEW,INDIE,AUTHOR,VAMPIRES,ETERNAL,BOOK,AMAZONThis month I am reviewing The Eternals by our favourite WordPress poet, Richard Ankers. This is the first in what promises to be an intriguing series about a shrinking population of nightwalkers on a world hurtling towards the end of days.

Jean is the very last Eternal Lord, neither human nor vampire, living amongst the flamboyant, pompous elite of The New Europa Alliance. He is the brooding antihero who ‘is what he is and does what he does’, with little care to the expectations of others. Jean despises the company of the affected Establishment and gleefully rebels against them as they fill their remaining time with irrelevant gatherings and grand shows of peacocking self-importance.

It is at one of these gatherings that Jean accidentally sucks the life from Princess Chantelle, the daughter of King Rudolph, and sets in motion a chain of events which propels Jean into a fugitive’s journey of deceit and discovery. Along the way, he finds protected truths, treasured love and his way back to a humanity long since lost to his kind.

You will realise from the very first page that the author is a poet. He builds visceral imagery with every sentence and pulls you firmly into the narrative. The story itself is not based on your traditional vampire lore, (other than the blood subsistence and sunlight aversion), but rather raises the question – just how long is forever? I have never read a vampire story set in a dystopian future and this is just one of the interesting angles taken by the author to set his scene and tell the story.

The story, whilst naturally dark in nature, is punctuated with heavy doses of sarcasm from the main character. So much so that in some cases, the dialogue almost becomes slapstick in nature. Picture an all-black, steampunk, billowing Lord Flashheart and you can chuckle at the image that popped into my head too. Whether that was the intention of the author or just the product of my disobedient mind I will leave you to decide (or the author to confirm).

If you enjoy stories that take everyday normal and turn it on its head, then please read Richard’s first novel. It will entertain and delight you without taking itself too seriously. When you’ve finished with it, I happen to know that the second instalment is already out there waiting for you.

You can find The Eternals by Richard M. Ankers on Amazon UK here or Amazon US here.

If you do read it, please be sure to tell everyone and leave a review. Indie authors need your support.

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Until next month,

Nicola x

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23 Responses to The Eternals by Richard Ankers – A Stellar Book Review 

  1. Great review! Seems interesting. I’ll check it out for sure. THANKS:)

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  2. It seems Interesting💕

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  3. readwithg says:

    I love this review, I’m adding this book to my TBR list.
    Love me a good vampire book.

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  4. your review is amaizing!!! please check out my blog too


  5. I enjoy apocalyptic fantasy novels a lot. Thank you for this review!


  6. wyattsawday says:

    Great review! You’ve inspired us to check out Mr. Ankers’ work. Thanks!


  7. Excellent review. I also thoroughly enjoy Richard’s prose and the unusual story.

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  8. Heartafire says:

    A fine indepth critique of this amazing book by Richard Ankers. The intriguimg plot and intricate details and subtle nuance are the mark of a truly outstanding writer. His tale is spell binding from start to finish and can only be describe as remarkable writing !

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  9. Morgan says:

    Wonderful review of a Marvelous story by an Incredible writer 🙂

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  10. Reblogged this on Richard M. Ankers and commented:
    I’ve just been deeply humbled by a wonderful review of The Eternals by WordPress’s own Nicola Auckland. I just had to share it. Thanks again, Nicola.

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  11. Thank you, Nicola, I can stop holding my breath now. You’ve just made February for me no matter what else happens this month.

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  12. Thanks, I’m always drawn into a good vampire story.


  13. Good review! The cover seems perfect for the content. Thanks 🙏!

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