Air Born – Do You Dream of Flying? by Timothy Trimble – A Book Review

“>Air Born by Timothy Trimble

Welcome to the September issue of the Stellar Review, the place where I like to give indie authors a helping hand by reviewing and publicising their word babies. I hope you will continue this Mexican wave by sharing the review far and wide.

This month, I am reviewing Air Born by Timothy Trimble. I am excited to bring this book to you as I have been waiting for it to be published since the author posted an except of the first chapter on Twitter over a year ago.

Leif, Carina and their families are Avitorians, a rare subset of the human race with the unique ability to fly. Their numbers are small but they have existed silently among us since the rule of Ahmose I, the Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt. Their ability was coveted by his successor, Amenhotep, who founded the Eighteenth as a task force dedicated to discovering the secret of their ability so he could fly himself. Each generation of their descendants have been commanded to continue this mission and are now so technologically advanced they could very well succeed – they just need to capture an Avitorian to experiment on. Little could they predict the effect that the determination of a lover torn from his soulmate would have on their plans.

The story is fast paced and enjoyable. It was one of those stories that grabbed me, I just had to know what happened next and read it every night until I did. I suspect that there may be a sequel in the planning as there were some loose ends that can only be tied up by a second instalment.

Timothy provides the background to Leif’s family history and introduces us to the concept of destiny in Avitorians’ love lives. The characters are likeable and relatable, but you can still boo the villains since their intent to destroy the main characters is obvious.

What is also clear is the author’s inner geek, if you like a detailed description of math, science or technology then this is the book for you. Don’t let that put you off though, it’s not so in-depth that it will lose you, in fact, you might just learn something about dark matter or computer programming along the way.

If the story doesn’t float your boat, just look at that cover! If you saw this on a bookshelf, wouldn’t you instantly pick it up? I’d buy it just for that, I think it’s beautiful.

If you’d like your own version:

Click here to buy your UK Kindle version of Air Born

Click here to buy your UK hard copy version of Air Born

If you’re in the US, you can find the Kindle version here and the hard copy here.

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