Stellar Review – Release by Everyn Kildare – A Book Review

Welcome to the March edition of the Stellar Review, the place where I offer my thoughts on the work of fabulous artists I have encountered during the month in the hopes that you will take a chance on an indie artist, read their work (or listen to their music) and get lost in their world.

This month I read Release by Everyn Kildare which is the third book in the Crow series. I read the first instalment, Crow, on Wattpad and it enraptured my inner supernatural groupie. I’m generally a sucker for anything involving vampires, werewolves and witches and this book certainly appealed to the latter. As soon as the second and third instalments were published on Amazon I rushed over and brought them. I am so invested in these characters that I couldn’t bear to wait a single day before I read the new releases.

The series is centred around Denora Garro who is trying to unravel the mystery of her brothers’ disappearance. She meets Silas, a mysterious and captivating stranger with hypnotic green eyes who introduces her to a world of secrets about herself, her family,  and the world she thought she knew. She soon discovers that her brothers have been cursed and turned into crows and to undo this, Denora must piece together a complicated spell – only after first discovering about the existence of witches and her place in the hierarchy. The problem is that Denora is struggling to work out who to trust, and when she does settle on who the goodies and baddies are, things happen to make her question her decisions.

The first book sets up the plots and the characters you will meet in the series, the second book – Shift – explores the duality of the relationships Denora built in the first instalment but annoyingly didn’t progress or end the storyline of the crow brothers. I was desperately hoping that the third instalment – Release – would bring the storyline to a conclusion, but no. The boys are still crows and the storyline didn’t really move on in this instalment either.

Release continues Denora’s personal story and the reader is taken on a journey through love triangles, betrayals and the many complicated motives of characters interwoven into the books. What we don’t get is a lot of answers. Whilst I absolutely love the story and characters in the Crow Series, I found I was left frustrated by the loose ends dangling around when I finished this book. I needed some of the storylines to move on a bit quicker, to give me something to daydream about while I wait for the fourth book to be published. All I’m currently left with are frustrating questions, but this may very well have been the intention of the author all along, after all, I will be rushing out to buy the next instalment as soon as it’s available on Amazon!

You can’t read the third book in the series without having read the first two, so I am including all the information you will need to get started.

You can read Crow, the first book in the series on Wattpad or download the free Kindle edition on Amazon UK or Amazon US.

The second book, Shift is available on Amazon UK and Amazon US, as is Release. (UK and US).

As always, please share, reblog and retweet this review to help spread the word of this great series. If we all do our bit, it makes the job of the indie author that bit easier.

Until next month,

Nicola x

The Stellar Review

The Stellar Review


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