Stellar Book Review – Run For It by Margaret Sorick

Welcome to the February edition of the Stellar Review. This month I am reviewing Run For It, a book by fellow WordPress author and blogger Dr Meg Sorick, an idea that both excites and terrifies me since she knows who I am and probably where I live.

This is the third book in Dr Meg’s Bucks County series, I haven’t read the first two novels but she promised that this wouldn’t matter and it didn’t. The storyline wasn’t confused with references to events in past novels and there was no hint that I was missing any vital information which is a credit to the author.

The book follows the story of Joni Cooper, a physical therapist who is training for the Boston marathon, although this actually turns out to be more of a backseat plot. Her best friends, Des and Jen, are engaged to two of the three Quinn brothers. A family, we learn, with an impressive gene pool. Joni’s life is complicated initially by the difficult relationship she has with Graham, the third Quinn brother, a man she has to put up with since he is her opposing number at their friends’ impending nuptials.

Then there’s her own family, as one of six children she sees her fair share of drama but this story focuses on Joni’s brother, Paul, whose marriage to Abby is suffering due to his workaholic tendencies, a situation that lands on Joni’s doorstep more than once.

Dr Meg writes a great sexy man and I don’t think any of her readers would turn away the gorgeous Graham Quinn! If you like a good romcom then you will love to get lost in this ‘will they, won’t they’ story which is told from the perspective of both Joni and Graham.  If you prefer a story with a bit more substance, the author also provides that with a good dose of real life trauma. Without giving too much away, the story tackles the subjects of mother’s-nightmare accidents and mental illness sensitively throughout.

I did have a couple of things that niggled at me as I was reading the book, these are not things that would bother most people but I have quite an established Inner Editor. The first one was that none of the characters seemed to have a problem with drink driving. I don’t know why this should irritate me so much but it did. There were often a couple of glasses of wine or whiskey before the characters drove home from wherever they happened to be. The second niggle was one of structure. There was a completely out of context chapter near the end that conveniently summarised pages of storytelling into a couple of paragraphs and jolted me from the story. I went from watching what was going on to being told how a few plot lines played out before the book carried on with it’s main story again. Like I said, not things that would irritate most people but things that I noticed nonetheless.

Overall, I very much enjoyed the story. It combines two of my favourite things, running and romance. The characters were likeable and relatable, I am actually going to miss Joni and Graham so I hope they reappear in the next instalment. It’s always a good sign that characters have resonated with me if I’m thinking about them even when I’ve moved onto my next book.

I also realised that if Joni can run a marathon at eight minute mile pace then I really need to up my game!

Run For It is available on Amazon UK and Amazon US and I would thoroughly recommend that you curl up for a few hours and read it.

When you are finished, please do your bit by leaving feedback, reviews are food for author’s souls and you will definitely go to heaven – I guarantee it. If you want to double your chances, please share this review and help an indie author to reach her audience.

Until next month,

Nicola x

The Stellar Review

The Stellar Review


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7 Responses to Stellar Book Review – Run For It by Margaret Sorick

  1. Wandering Soul says:

    Look forward to reading this book even more now. The fact that this is the third book and I haven’t read the other two was preventing me from reading this. But your review reassured me that it isn’t a hurdle to not have read the other two. So I’ll go ahead and read this one now. 🙂 Thanks for such an amazing review. 🙂

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    Read the stellar review of Dr. Meg Soricks’s book ‘Run For It’ by Nicola Auckland!


  3. I have read Dr. Meg’s previous books from the Bucks county Series, I was waiting for this one to release to read it. I really enjoyed your review of the book, I think it is spot on.
    Re-blogging this review into the Blogger’s World forum for the benefit of the members.


  4. Great review! I need to read this book… and all the others! My writing to reading ratio has skewed way over toward writing lately!

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