His obsession. Her mistake. Their funeral.


In response to A Hopelessly Wandering Mind’s six word story challenge.


About Nicola Auckland

Busy wife to one & mum to two. I've caught the creative writing bug, now need to practice, get awesome and write something worth reading. Simples.
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17 Responses to Passion


  2. HumaAq says:

    Congrats!! Your deserved to win

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  3. Madeeha says:

    I love this story so much. Just saw and glad to find it week’s best story 🙂

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  5. Vibrant says:

    Another mystery! What did you have in mind Nicola?


    • I had an image of a man obsessed with a woman who he befriends. She enters a relationship with him even though there is a tiny bit of her that rings alarm bells. Something isn’t right with him but she can’t pinpoint what. I see the story ending with the woman wanting to leave him but his possessive nature making this impossible. The climax would see both of the dying because of it (I hadn’t worked out how, but it would be nothing like Romeo and Juliet).

      His obsession. Her mistake. Their funeral.

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  6. Haylee says:

    Ooh, intriguingly saucy!

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  7. Madeeha says:

    I’m speechless!
    Love this 🙂

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  8. HumaAq says:

    Oh wow wonderful story


  9. Oh I love this! I saw a play called Blood Wedding yesterday (have you seen/read it?!) and this is superbly reminiscent of that. Great work!


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