Hands up Extroverted Writers – Anyone?

Following on from yesterday’s theme of sharing some of my favourite people to stalk, I thought I would share a particular blog that I find hilarious. I didn’t include it in yesterday’s post as I couldn’t think of a suitable one liner to describe it to you, I realise now that it probably needs a few paragraphs.

The blog, that I hope you’ll all go and read, is called The Introverts Dictionary and is written by Charlotte Latvala who is an author, columnists and self-confessed introvert. The concept of the blog is very simple yet very clever, each post is a letter of the alphabet and each dictionary entry is in some hilarious way linked to introversion.

Today's post on The Introvert's Dictionary

Today’s post on The Introvert’s Dictionary

Even though I have read through the dictionary a few times now, the entries still make me chuckle. The reason for this is that I am an introvert myself and so can relate to almost all of them. I am naturally inclined to avoid any situation with more than a couple of people, any requirement to make small talk or any possibility that I will have to suffer idiots.

This led to me to wonder whether writers in general are natural introverts or whether the necessary solitude they inflict upon themselves to put their words on paper causes the introversion over time.

Entry U in The Introvert's Dictionary

Entry U in The Introvert’s Dictionary

I don’t know any writers personally but most of the ones I come across online seem to lean towards introversion, I have seen television interviews with authors who look like they’d rather be sticking pins in their eyes than talking to the interviewer, they looked genuinely pained to be there.

What do you think? Do writers become introverts because of their chosen profession or is it innate? Has their enforced environment caused them to withdraw into themselves or could it be that nature’s introverts are naturally drawn to the profession of writing because it suits their personality? They could legitimately never see another human again if they didn’t want to. Our school careers advisor certainly used to suggest pursuing jobs based on personality so is the human psyche your onboard careers advisor?

It’s another angle to consider in the nature vs nurture debate but it’s one that resonates with me, it causes me to question why I choose to spend time writing rather than doing almost anything else. Do I write because I would rather be doing this than taking part in anything involving actual people?

If I’m honest, I think I probably do. Especially if that activity is in any way linked to team sports.



About Nicola Auckland

Busy wife to one & mum to two. I've caught the creative writing bug, now need to practice, get awesome and write something worth reading. Simples.
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14 Responses to Hands up Extroverted Writers – Anyone?

  1. Sonya says:

    Oh, I love The Introvert’s Dictionary!
    I was an introvert long before I was a writer – sitting somewhere in a quiet corner, watching people rather than interacting with them. I don’t know that you have to be an introvert to become a writer, but it certainly helps.

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  3. Aarti says:

    I enjoyed reading this post Nicola!

    I too am an introvert. So are many of my artistic friends. It must definitely have to do with the fact that you don’t want external noise to infiltrate your brain when ideas are buzzing around inside it, all clamoring for your attention! Also, after being accused on numerous occasions of being lost in your own world you tend to socialize only when absolutely necessary! 😀

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  4. Charlotte Latvala says:

    Hi Nicola — thank you so much for posting this lovely shout-out for The Introvert’s Dictionary! I tend to think most writers are introverts (the act of writing is such a solitary one, and you spend so much time in your own head.) But who knows? Maybe there are some really gregarious, extroverted writers out there. Anyone?

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    • I love to know if they are out there, I wonder if they are truly extroverts or just wearing a mask? Do you think Barbara Cartland was extroverted or just bonkers?

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      • Charlotte Latvala says:

        Heehee! A little bit of both, maybe? And maybe some writers in public are like the actors/musicians etc. who are amazing, charismatic performers onstage but very introverted offstage? I don’t know…it’s hard to imagine a true extrovert being happy sitting alone and writing for hours on end.

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  5. My theory is that writers find themselves drawn to writing because it is a form of communication that is easier or more fulfilling to them than other methods. It would be natural for an introvert to find writing enticing, then as they do it more and more, find themselves even further introverted! So maybe it starts from their nature, then increases by nurture.
    But I think there are extroverted writers out there…somewhere…
    Fun post! I’ll have to look around your blog more and check out the Introvert’s Dictionary (since I am an introvert…and a writer!)

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    • There is definitely something in that theory, I wouldn’t be able to have a conversation about the things I write about, the words just wouldn’t come if I wanted them too. Writing allows me to communicate, as you say.

      Thank you for following my blog 🙂

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  6. My opinion on the subject is that writers and artists have a very active imaginative internal life…at least I do! I love spending time with myself, it energizes me, it invigorates me. Spending time with people is draining for me…I don’t really know why…but I’ll almost always want to leave a party early and go straight to bed…I’m an introvert, and I believe most artists are…writers being an artist…it would make sense that they would be more introverted…I love people and I love to be social…but it tires me…where as being creative energizes me…

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  7. koolitzable says:

    Introvert or Extrovert, here in blogging we shake it off 😀

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